Trump: Who Would Vote for Him With a Face (and Hair) Like That?

donald trump wigI have been watching the rise of Donald Trump to the forefront of the GOP race for Presidential candidate in awe (not good awe … bad awe).  I thought … surely, there aren’t that many really stupid people in the US. I was wrong.

I mean honestly … look at that face. Look at that hair (fake hair). Would anyone really vote for that? Not to mention that he is a racist of the worst kind and the only people who would benefit from a Trump as President, is Trump and the 1 percenters. He has alienated women, Latinos, Europe, Muslims, and I don’t know who else, but I’m sure there’s more.

He’s a joke and the joke is on the GOP.  To see more Trump comparisons, see  21 Things That Look Exactly Like Donald Trump. Ha ha … love it.

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