Tea Bagger and Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh and His “Family Values”

deadbeat dad joe walsh
Shocking isn’t it? Another tea bagger hypocrite, spouting off about Family Values and fiscal responsibility while screwing his children out of their child support payments … for years.

Documents have newly surfaced detailing the extent of U.S. Representative Joe Walsh’s (R-Ill.) alleged lapse on his child support payments to his ex-wife Laura Walsh.

According to a court filing, made public Friday afternoon by The National Memo, Tea Party darling Walsh paid only limited child support between November of 2005 and March of 2008, and stopped paying altogether after that point.

Unpaid obligations and interest combine to $115,294, the filing claims. Huffington Post

Joe Walsh is a Tea Party congressman in Illinois who has made his career on fiscal responsibility. “We’ve got a government we can’t afford, and we’re broke!” he told supporters in Chicago recently. The irony is that Walsh’s ex-wife claims the congressman, who makes $174,000 a year, is about $100,000 behind in child support payments and she has no money because of it.

Let’s hear what Dead Beat Dad Joe Walsh has to say:

“I won’t place one more dollar of debt upon the backs of my kids and grandkids unless we structurally reform the way this town spends money!”

Good thing he’s looking out for his kids, huh?

Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh receives (I won’t use the word earns) $174,000 for not performing his duties as a member of Congress (like seeing that the country can pay it’s debt and doesn’t get it’s credit rating downgraded). With benefits, his salary for being an obstructionist, polarizing jackwad comes to $285,000.

Apparently, deadbeat dad’s Joe Walsh’s math skills aren’t too keen either. He called President Obama a liar when he warned people that social security payments may not be paid if the debt ceiling weren’t raised. Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh indicated his belief that the US had way enough money to pay for social security and all it’s debt if the debt ceiling weren’t raised. Of course, that’s either sheer stupidity or an outright lie.

Lies seem to be right up his alley. He also failed to disclose his enormous child support payment debt on his financial disclosure papers. By law, he must report any debts over $10,000, and over $100,000 in unpaid child support payments is sort of way over $10,000 … don’t ya think?

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