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Tea Bagger and Deadbeat Dad Joe Walsh and His “Family Values”

Shocking isn’t it? Another tea bagger hypocrite, spouting off about Family Values and fiscal responsibility while screwing his children out of their child support payments … for years. Documents have newly surfaced detailing the extent of U.S. Representative Joe Walsh’s (R-Ill.) alleged lapse on his child support payments to his ex-wife Laura Walsh. According to […]

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Michele Bachmann Looks Like a Crazy Woman

Michelle Bachman’s on the cover of Newsweek magazine and apparently not very happy with her photo because it makes her look like a crazy woman. Well, guess what? She is a crazy woman. How would a crazy woman disguise that without spending her life wearing very dark, big sunglasses? In fact, in most of the […]

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The Tea Party are a Bunch of Racists: There I’ve Said It

Funny thing, the sting conducted by a Repooplican activist, James O’Keefe, using a hidden video camera to catch Ron Schiller, an NPR executive calling the Tea Party racists (and White, gun-toting Middle American people, too). Schiller also said that NPR would be better off without federal funds. Schiller made it clear that he was speaking […]

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Herman Cain, the Pizza Guy, Making a Bid for President

Herman Cain was the darling Tea Party wingnut candidate at the first GOP Presidential debate. He captured the crowd’s limited imagination with things like, “One good decision does not make a great President.” Well, how about one good pizza-maker making a good President? Oh … he’s a talk-show host and journalist or something now too. […]

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You're in My Crosshairs Sarah Palin, But Don't Worry, It's Just a Snot Rocket

You’re in My Crosshairs Sarah Palin, But Don’t Worry, It’s Just a Snot Rocket

Sarah Palin, here’s some crosshairs back at ya. But don’t worry. There’s no connection here between the crosshairs and a real gun. It’s just a snot rocket. The Tuscon, Arizona gunman who killed six people including a 9-year-old girl and a federal judge and wounded 11 others including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) may be a […]

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After Distracting Us With Birther BS for Months, Glen Beck and Palin Thinks Obama’s Birth Certificate is a Distraction

After months of hearing nothing but birther BS from both Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, one would think they would be relieved that President Obama posted his long form birth certificate on the White House website. End of story, right? Now we can move on to more important issues … and ones that are actually […]

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