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NRA’s Answer to Gun Violence: Arm Everybody

Who’d a thunk it? The NRA’s plan for preventing gun violence is to just arm everybody and to turn our schools into what amounts to a military zone, protected by armed forces, according to The National Rifle Association’s CEO Wayne LaPierre. But why stop there? I mean, innocent people are everywhere right? So we really […]

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republican wingnuts

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Source Post election, there is much cause for celebration and yes, even downright glee if you’re an Obama supporter. Good riddance Mitt Romney. Hopefully, he will slither back to the private sector and not impose himself in American politics ever again. Make no mistake about it. “Romney’s campaign should be assessed in the most accurate […]

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Romney eats grits

Romney: I Can Has Grits?

After spending last week reminiscing about Davy Crockett in Tennessee, he’s now a full fledged Y’all Come Back Now, Y’Hear southern boy … who likes them grits. Apparently this idiot, in his desperation to become the Republican nominee for President believes that all you gotta do is to superficially pretend to be “like” his audience, […]

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Andrew Breitbart lies

Breitbart is Toast: In Memorium

Andrew Brietbart. Wingnut propagandist, pathological liar, race-baiter. Dead. Known for being a hard partying rageaholic (angry drunk), the verdict is still out whether or not other substances contributed to his early demise. Since the official cause of death is still out pending toxicology results, in true Andrew Breitbart style journalism, I’ll just make stuff up […]

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Romney Davy Crockett

Romney Crocket: Born on a Mountaintop in Tennessee

Mitt Romney, campaigning in Tennessee today, recited lyrics to “The Ballad of Davy Crockett.” “This place always has a special feeling in my heart, because when I grew up I was thinking about Davy Crockett,” Romney says before beginning the song. “Remember the song?” Romney said. “‘Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, greenest state in […]

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Romney Flip Flops

What’s the Difference Between Mitt Romney and Casual Footware?

For those who are indecisive and change their minds about just about everything, I have found the perfect casual footware for you … The Mitt Flip Flops. This footwear was created with the flip flopper in mind. Instead of a contribution to Mitt Romney‘s campaign, I have sent him a pair for his own personal […]

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Mitt Romney campaign

Mitt Romney Mingles with America

With Santorum being a completely unelectable nutjob, it looks like Mitt Romney is going to be the candidate to represent the Republican party in the race for President of the US. While both Santorum and Romney (and Gingrich for that matter) are flat out liars, Romney is a different kind of liar. He wants to […]

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Santorum lies

To Santorum: Dems Would Love to Help You Win Michigan, Just Not For the Reason You Think

Santorum is the gift that keeps on giving … for Democrats, that is. Santorum‘s outreach via robocalls to Michigan Democrats to vote for him in the Michigan open primaries is being called a dirty trick by Romney. It is being called a gift by Democrats. One of the key questions being hashed out in the […]

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Boners are Good ... Birth Control is Bad

Boners are Good … Birth Control is Bad

Does anyone else find it interesting that health insurance providers have been covering the drug that flaccid, impotent Republicans use so they can “get it up”, but are pushing for no insurance coverage for birth control. Within weeks of hitting the U.S. market in 1998, more than half of Viagra prescriptions received health insurance coverage. […]

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Santorum: Too Kool for Skool

Santorum: Too Kool for Skool

Rick Santorum believes Obama wants to ‘indoctrinate’ students by encouraging higher college enrollment. The GOP hopeful sat down with Glenn Beck for a wide-ranging interview that aired Thursday, and he warned that higher education leads to secularization. “I understand why Barack Obama wants to send every kid to college, because of their indoctrination mills, absolutely,” […]

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