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The Tea Party are a Bunch of Racists: There I’ve Said It

Funny thing, the sting conducted by a Repooplican activist, James O’Keefe, using a hidden video camera to catch Ron Schiller, an NPR executive calling the Tea Party racists (and White, gun-toting Middle American people, too). Schiller also said that NPR would be better off without federal funds. Schiller made it clear that he was speaking […]

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Marilyn Davenport and Racism: The “Monkey” on the GOP’s Back

Marilyn Davenport is a mean-spirited old Republican Party official and Tea Party bigot in southern California. A few weeks ago, she doctored up a photo of President Obama as a baby chimpanzee, along with chimpanzee parents. This was supposed to depict why the President couldn’t come up with his birth certificate. She then distributed that […]

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Donald Trump Likes Blacks ... or Maybe Not

Donald Trump Likes Blacks … or Maybe Not

With all of his talk about entering the 2012 Presidential race, Donald Trump is in the spotlight a lot these days. He went on and on and on about President Obama’s long form birth certificate, until that was produced. Then he started slinging unfounded rumors about the President’s grades in college, asking how Obama could […]

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Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern Thinks ‘Blacks’ are Lazy and Doesn’t Like Gays Either

The Representative of the state of Oklahoma, Sally Kern (R-of course), is a hate mongering bigot. Not only does she hate gays, but she’s not crazy about them lazy blacks either. She’s also no friend to women in general, saying they are lazy also. She offered an apology when the backlash started, saying she “misspoke.” […]

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