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NRA’s Answer to Gun Violence: Arm Everybody

Who’d a thunk it? The NRA’s plan for preventing gun violence is to just arm everybody and to turn our schools into what amounts to a military zone, protected by armed forces, according to The National Rifle Association’s CEO Wayne LaPierre. But why stop there? I mean, innocent people are everywhere right? So we really […]

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Romney Flip Flops

What’s the Difference Between Mitt Romney and Casual Footware?

For those who are indecisive and change their minds about just about everything, I have found the perfect casual footware for you … The Mitt Flip Flops. This footwear was created with the flip flopper in mind. Instead of a contribution to Mitt Romney‘s campaign, I have sent him a pair for his own personal […]

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Mitt Romney: $4M Tax Cut for Himself, Doesn’t Give a Damn About the Poor

Mitt Romney wants to be President of the United States. But if you’re poor, he doesn’t want to be your President. He says you have a “safety net” and don’t need his help. Looking at Romney‘s budget proposal if he were to elected President, whatever “safety net” the poor do have in place would be […]

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