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Gov. Haley Barbour, Paul Ryan, Republicans Gut Middle Class to Protect Big Oil

Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS) accuses President Obama of driving up prices of oil so that Americans use less of it. Ridiculous as that sounds, he’s sticking to that story. Like most Republicans trying to shove their agendas down American’s throats, he doesn’t allow himself to be blindsided by facts. The turmoil in the Middle East […]

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Birds of a Feather: Paul Ryan's Budget and Ayn Rand's Philosophy

Birds of a Feather: Paul Ryan’s Budget and Ayn Rand’s Philosophy

Paul Ryan’s budget plan is a plan of organized exploitation that echoes Ayn Rand’s philosophy. He is admittedly, an Ayn Rand nut. In 2005, as a speaker at the Ayn Rand Centenary Conference, he describes Social Security as a “collectivist system”. He gives Ayn Rand credit for inspiring him to enter into public service. He […]

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