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A Tribute to Anonymous. Got Ya Karl Rove

I haven’t seen this news in the mainstream media and I do wonder why, considering the election fraud that occurred to re-elect George Bush in 2004. In fact, the method of fraud and one of the perps are the same as the fraud attempted in this current election, only this time Karl Rove was up […]

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Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya’ll

Looks like the racist rednecks in the South and other states want to secede after a crushing defeat in the Presidential election. Here’s the thing. You don’t speak for the majority in the United States. You’re just a bunch of ignorant bigots. The majority spoke when we re-elected President Obama to office and when we […]

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republican wingnuts

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Source Post election, there is much cause for celebration and yes, even downright glee if you’re an Obama supporter. Good riddance Mitt Romney. Hopefully, he will slither back to the private sector and not impose himself in American politics ever again. Make no mistake about it. “Romney’s campaign should be assessed in the most accurate […]

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Romney Etch a Sketch

Mitt Romney: The Etch a Sketch Candidate

The Etch a Sketch GOP potential Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, finally reveals his campaign strategy. Of course, anyone really watching Romney already knows that he plays whatever side of the fence that will get votes for that particular audience, but now it’s confirmed. Mitt Romney‘s top adviser Eric Fehrnstrom made this Kinsley gaffe, saying that […]

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Santorum lies

To Santorum: Dems Would Love to Help You Win Michigan, Just Not For the Reason You Think

Santorum is the gift that keeps on giving … for Democrats, that is. Santorum‘s outreach via robocalls to Michigan Democrats to vote for him in the Michigan open primaries is being called a dirty trick by Romney. It is being called a gift by Democrats. One of the key questions being hashed out in the […]

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GOP voter supression

GOP Voter Suppression

Stephen Colbert highlights GOP voter suppression efforts around the country Last night, Stephen Colbert looked at all the Republican voter suppression efforts across the country in GOP-controlled state legislatures with restrictive voter ID laws. And by all means, if you come across a right-winger who complains about “voter fraud” and the need for photo IDs, […]

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