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Rush Limbaugh Pig

Porky Pig Calls Female College Student Prostitute and Slut

Porky Pig … uhhh, I mean Rush Limbaugh the hate monger has turned his vitriol towards women now (not really a surprise that he doesn’t like women, is it?). On his show he called a female college student who spoke to a Democratic hearing spearheaded by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Feb. 23, where […]

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personhood bill

If I Wanted the Government in My Womb, I’d Fuck a Senator

Another state trying to stamp all over women’s rights to birth control and abortions is Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Senate passed a bill that puts the beginning of life at the moment of conception. Hell, why not bump it back to the moment of erection? I think male masturbation should be outlawed as well, as it […]

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Love Sex

I Like Sex. Stop the War on Birth Control Now! Sign the Petition

I like sex. You like sex. Sex is a pretty popular activity worldwide and not all sex is engaged in with the express purpose of procreation. Sometimes sex is engaged in because … well, it’s fun. But sex is a lot more fun when you’re not worrying about pregnancy. Chances are, if you don’t actively […]

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Boners are Good ... Birth Control is Bad

Boners are Good … Birth Control is Bad

Does anyone else find it interesting that health insurance providers have been covering the drug that flaccid, impotent Republicans use so they can “get it up”, but are pushing for no insurance coverage for birth control. Within weeks of hitting the U.S. market in 1998, more than half of Viagra prescriptions received health insurance coverage. […]

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