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Bristol Palin homophobic

Homophobic Bristol Palin Gets New Reality Show …. How Exciting

The Lifetime channel has on Wednesday, Lifetime network announced IT had bought a Bristol Palin reality show, called “Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp” that would provide us with an exclusive rare glimpse into her life in Alaska as a young single mother of young son, Tripp, “forging her own way in the world, living under […]

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Batshit Crazy Palin Thinks Arnold’s Love Child is More Immoral Than Bristol’s Love Child

The dimwitted half-term former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin thinks that Arnold Schwarzenegger has no morals due to his admission of having a secret love child. Duh … Sarah, meet Bristol. Does it somehow escape you that your own daughter, completely lacking in morals and scruples, mothered a love child? How does unwed parenthood stack […]

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