Serial Cheater Religious Guy, Newt Gingrich Thinks Game is Rigged

Serial cheater, Newt Gingrich, adultery

Newt Gingrich, serial cheater but now religious guy thinks the Presidential race is rigged because people will vote for Obama.  lol.

Newt Gingrich told Fox News Sean Hannity on Wednesday that President Obama “can’t afford to run in a fair election. If he was on an equal playing field, he’d lose.” He also said that Obama has the advantage of the presidency (duh … that’s because he won) and support from the “left-wing media” (duh, you got Fox Faux News, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Hannity, etc.). He goes on to whine about President Obama having the backing of the labor unions (duh … of course. They represent the hard working Americans in the US, you know … the Americans that the Republicans would like to gut so they can grease the palms of the Big Oil and giant corporations.). Oh, and he’s got billionaires like Geoge Soros (duh … does Koch Brothers ring a bell?).

He also wanted to get the focus off of his cheating on a wife with cancer, then cheating on the woman he cheated on his sick wife with. After all, he’s trying hard to win over the evangelicals … the religious Middle America crowd. You know, the ones who think cheating is bad until they get caught with their pants down like Newt Gingrich.

With serial cheaters, pizza moguls, just plain old dimwits like Palin, casino/reality show guys like Trump, and the other Koch puppets all trying out for the Republican nomination, yeah, I’d say the election is definitely rigged.

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