Sarah Palin Still Tries to Convince Us That She Reads

Sarah Palin crosshairs

You're in My Crosshairs Palin

Sarah Palin, in a desperate attempt to convince the American public that she reads stuff, appeared on “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren” and sent her best wishes to Katie Couric, who announced that she was leaving CBS Evening News. Palin says, “”I think I read that in a newspaper, one of many newspapers that I read online.” “Yes, and I hear that she wants to now engage in more multidimensional storytelling versus, I guess, just the straight-on read into that teleprompter screen storytelling. So more power to her. I wish her well with her multidimensional storytelling.”

Sarah Palin Reading

Sarah Palin, of course, does not use teleprompters. She makes little notes on her hand, instead. See … she does read. No, really. See the Youtube video of Sarah Palin reading, the only known evidence of such an event really occurring.

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