Rush Limbaugh and the Gay Thing

Rush Limbaugh transvestite kiss

Did you ever Google Rush Limbaugh Gay? That >>queery<< comes up with a wealth of information. First, I want to get one thing straight. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't even mention Rush Limbaugh being gay. If it weren’t for the fact that he is a hateful, homophobic hypocrite, I would never mention it. I’m for gay rights, gay marriage, and gay everything. Conservatives run on “family values”, when they in fact do not live “family values.” Take serial cheater, Newt Gingrich and Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, both who talk about family values when trying to push their agendas on Americans. Between the two of them, there are seven marriages. Now, that’s family values, wouldn’t you say?

The ironic thing is that Rush Limbaugh and many prominent conservative Republicans who egg them on are closeted homosexuals themselves, people who say things that aren’t true to their beliefs – people who don’t believe in what they say, but they say it for professional and financial gain because their political positioning allows them to prosper by saying them. They know how to appeal to the racist and homophobic sentiments that unfortunately linger in this country, and they have no shame in condoning these sentiments. They egg on middle-class evangelicals and other “social conservatives,” whom they care little about in reality. It’s a money game for people like Limbaugh. Is Rush Limbaugh Gay?

Take a look at this kiss between Rush Limbaugh and the latest Mrs. Limbaugh. Have you ever seen a more fake kiss? Her lips are hard and closed. There’s not even a look of fondness in her eyes. Actually, it’s a look of “my God if this doesn’t stop, I’m going to vomit in her eyes. So this is the latest beard for Limbaugh, a woman who no doubt values wealth a great deal more than self-respect.

Rush Limbaugh forth wife fake kiss

So here’s all the “evidence,” rumors, what have you of Rush Limbaugh‘s gayness. Who cares if it’s the truth? Rush Limbaugh has gotten rich and made a career out of spreading lies and misinformation and more lies and misinformation.

Jeff Christie

Here, in his “Jeff Christie” phase, Rush Limbaugh worked under an assumed identity, as do many self-loathing, closeted homosexuals.  After being arrested for soliciting a gay man in Pittsburgh, Limbaugh was fired from KQV radio, according to numerous sources. Biography on Pssht

In mid-2004 Rush and his third wife, Marta Limbaugh, filed for divorce. A British source has recently learned that Marta agreed to avoid disclosing Rush’s closeted homosexuality, or penchantfor child pornography, in exchange for a hefty divorce settlement. Biography on Pssht

Rush Limbaugh was arrested for carrying Viagra without a prescription to the Dominican Republic, on a trip without his wife (a wife who never shared his bed but instead lived a few streets over and only got together with him for social engagements). Rush was detained for more than three hours at the Palm Beach International Airport after customs agents found a bottle of Viagra containing 29 “Blue Pills” prescribed to someone else in his luggage. The Dominican Republic has a reputation for being gay travel friendly with opportunities of discrete sex with local boys and men. Indeed, the Dominican Republic is one of the biggest sex tourism destinations in the world, thanks in part to Internet sites that extol the country as a “single man’s paradise.” ‘Bend Over And Touch Ankles’ — Is Rush Limbaugh A ‘Closet’ GAY FASCIST?

It seems that our ole good buddy — and of course one of my favorite whipping boys — professional blowhard (I use the term advisedly–read on) fat-boy drug-addict draft-dodging chicken-hawk multi-millionaire and multi-married Rush Limbaugh was once fired from Pittsburgh radio station KQL, where he worked under the pseudonym of Jeff Christie, after soliciting … gay sex! One Pissed Off Veteran

Rush Limbaugh’s Top Anti-Gay Quotes

One of the items is whether Rush Limbaugh is gay. Here is a picture of him getting kissed by drag queen Elaine Lancaster, who is obviously out of drag in the photo. What do you think? Is Rush Limbaugh Gay?

Howard Stern-Rush Limbaugh is Gay? (Warning: Graphic conversation)

Rush Limbaugh the hypocrite on Gay Marriage

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