Right Wing Nutbag Nugent is Dead or Maybe in Jail

Ted Nugent in Jail

Ha ha ah… at least that’s what he said would happen if President Obama were re-elected. We can only hope that he knew what he was talking about, huh? He had a Twitter meltdown spewing out his normal vitriol (calling those who voted for Obama bad names like pimps, liars, whores and welfare brats, as did the right wing clown Donald Trump. Now if there’s one thing that Ted Nugent knows something about, it’s pimps and whores. These insults coming from a pervert who has a penchant for underage girls are truly ironic. Ted Nugent has admitted to acquiring permission from parents of teen girls, who pimped their teen daughters to him (I assume for some kind of fee) so he could screw their daughters (whores) without going to jail. How proud Mitts son was to have this foul mouthed pervert endorse his dad.

When Nugent endorsed Romney in March, his son, Tagg Romney, tweeted, “Ted Nugent endorsed my Dad today. Ted Nugent? How cool is that?! He joins Kid Rock as great Detroit musicians on team Mitt!” Source

Jason Easley at Politicus USA reports that Nugent apparently had a penchant for messing around with underage teenage girls when he was in his thirties and out on the road touring.

The term “pedophile” is not technically correct for what Ted Nugent was doing, but it doesn’t make it any less disgusting that the man was out there talking the parents of teenage girls into allowing him to have sex with their underage daughters. Here’s more from their post — Is Mitt Romney Aware That Ted Nugent Is a Self-Admitted Pedophile?:

Too bad about all that money the NRA flushed down the shit-can to try to get their nutbags elected.

All the talk this week has been about how much money Karl Rove’s super-pac, American Crossroads GPS, threw away on Tuesday’s elections, but one group actually got less bang for its buck than Turd Blossom’s did – and that’s the NRA. Rove’s group got a 1.29% return on its investment, while the NRA got an even more dismal 0.82%.
The NRA: the only group to get a worse return on its investment than Crossroads GPS

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