Osama bin Laden: Gotcha

Osama bin Laden dead
Almost 10 years after 911, US special forces killed Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011. Acting on intelligence received over the past eight months, navy seals entered Osama bin Laden‘s residence in Abbottabad in north-west Pakistan by helicopter and killed him.

From BBC:
The operation against Osama Bin Laden began at about 2230 (1730 GMT) and lasted about 45 minutes, military sources told BBC Urdu. Two or three helicopters were seen flying low over the area. Witnesses say they caused panic among local residents. The target of the operation was the compound, which had at its centre a large three-storey building.

When the helicopters landed outside, men emerged from the aircraft. The raid was conducted by a special team of US Navy Seals. Shortly afterwards residents said they heard shots being fired and the sound of heavy firearms. At some point in the operation one of the helicopters crashed, either from technical failure or having been hit by gunfire from the ground. Osama Bin Laden did resist the assault and was killed in battle, US officials told White House reporters.

The officials described the operation as a “surgical raid” and said three adult males, including Bin Laden’s adult son, were killed. But, they added, a woman who was being used as a shield was also killed.

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