Mitt Romney Wants the Middle Class to Believe He Likes Us Now

Mitt Romney Kills Big Bird

Always the Etch a Sketch candidate, always the liar, Mitt Romney plays to whatever audience he’s in front of and he fully expects the American public to believe each version of his story and each version of his position, even when they are diametrically opposed to each other. You see, Mitt Romney thinks we’re stupid, and by we, I mean the 47% of Americans that Mitt Romney has nothing but contempt for.

Mother Jones released the full tape of Mitt Romney‘s contempt for the middle class. That’s the real Mitt Romney people. The Mitt Romney who has lived in a wealth bubble all of his life. The Mitt Romney who is extremely conservative when trying to become the Republican candidate and then somewhat moderate when debating the President of the United States. The Mitt Romney who dodges taxes in offshore tax havens. The Mitt Romney who sends American jobs overseas. The Mitt Romney who destroys businesses to line his own pockets with gold. The Mitt Romney who believes that 47% of Americans are nothing more than parasites.

Mitt Romney lies

Apparently he thinks he may have made a pre-election boo boo because now he’s trying to take it all back and pretend that he really does care for the middle class of Americans.

So who was the winner of the first debate? Many think it was Romney because he lied his way through it, but what he fails to realize perhaps is that nothing … and I mean nothing will change my vote, and a lot of Americans who have come to know, through his own actions and words, the real Mitt Romney, it will not change their vote either. We are women that the Republicans have waged war on, we are the middle class that Romney finds contemptible, we are the poor that Romney “doesn’t care about,” in his own words, we are Latinos that Romney refers to as “illegals,” we are the working class… basically, we are anyone with the exception of the top 4%, the wealthiest people in the United States.

Mitt Romney’s Private Equity Nightmare

How Mitt Romney Got Rich Destroying American Jobs and Promoting Sweatshop Capitalism

Mitt Romney Wants to Kill Big Bird

If all of the above is not enough to make you want to throw up, Mitt Romney wants to KILL Big Bird. What could be more heinous than that? If you thinking that this isn’t about you and don’t care what kind of country you live in … do nothing. If you don’t want the United States to be run by Wall Street bankers, private equity firms, large corporations, people like Mitt Romneyget the f out there and vote for Obama!

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