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With Santorum being a completely unelectable nutjob, it looks like Mitt Romney is going to be the candidate to represent the Republican party in the race for President of the US. While both Santorum and Romney (and Gingrich for that matter) are flat out liars, Romney is a different kind of liar. He wants to be President of the US so bad that he can taste it and he will change his colors like a chameleon and say what he thinks the particular audience he is speaking to wants to hear. None of it will matter should he be elected. He will then proceed to do exactly as he wants to do, being so superior to the 99% of US citizens that he undoubtedly feels he knows what’s best for us. After all, he’s a master a leveraged buyouts and the former president and chairman of the board AMC, an extremely mediocre automobile manufacturer.

Mitt Romney appears so uncomfortable when he’s forced to hobnob with us common folk that you fully expect to wear a full body condom or hazmat suit to protect himself from the unclean masses.

The GOP’s once credible attacks on the president’s record have morphed into an incredible attack on the country’s intelligence. That change is reflected by Obama’s double-digit lead over the GOP field.

While “amber waves of grain” is pretty bad, I thought Romney showing up in Michigan last fall saying, “The trees are the right height. The grass is the right color for this time of year, kind of a brownish-greenish sort of thing. It just feels right,” was as low as pandering could go.

Then he showed up in Detroit a couple of days ago and repeated that the “trees are the right height.”

Hurling out chunks of red meat at a rally is a longstanding practice. Massaging a position to suit the polls, or support the party, is something voters don’t like, but we understand the rationale.

But telling a crowd you love their trees and dead grass? Ridiculous. Source


Romney’s stabs at seeming a regular guy have provided the most painful moments of his campaign. How to come off as a car buff in Michigan? Mention your wife’s Cadillacs. How to be a good ol’ boy at Daytona? Say you’re friends with some of the race car owners. Not since Richard Nixon has a national political leader appeared so excruciatingly ill at ease with the simplest public encounters.

The roots of Romney’s awkwardness are shrouded in mystery. Perhaps, while going door to door in France in quest of converts to Mormonism, he came to believe that encounters with ordinary folks were an ordeal with which God tests the faithful. Certainly, his career in private equity did nothing to prepare him for conversations with actual workers. A good leveraged-buyout operator — and Romney was one of the best — doesn’t sit down with workers to hear their concerns, lest he end up heeding any interest save those of the bottom line. Whatever the reason, Romney’s encounters with ordinary men and women seem fraught with peril and grow steadily more surreal. Source.


When Mitt Romney, in the December 10th Republican debate, shoved out his hand toward Rick Perry and with that icy smile of his said, “I’ll bet you ten thousand dollars,” he did his version of the cock of the walk, and in so doing, I believe, shot himself in the foot.

While Romney would never admit to it now, his body language and his tone was that of a bully. And in bad economic times a bully of the worst kind, one who uses his great personal wealth to bully others. One day later he was papering over his petulant taunt by saying, “It’s like when two buddies bet each other a million bucks, it’s not meant seriously.” Anyone watching Romney during that debate knows that cover up is a lie.  Source


“You can choose where to focus. You can focus on the very rich; that’s not my focus. You can focus on the very poor; that’s not my focus,” he said, adding, “I’m concerned about the very heart of America, the 90-95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling.”

The incident is just another in a long-list of Romney’s economically offensive remarks, like his assertion that corporations are people, that he enjoys firing people and that he was once unemployed, all of which lend themselves to the popular notion that Mitt Romney is simply out of touch with regular people and perhaps out of touch with all of the human race.

Brian Fung at The Atlantic took this theory one step further and wonders whether Romney’s real problem extends beyond his wallet-centric politics and to his very core. Could it be, Fung muses, that Mitt Romney actually falls into the emotionally dissonant realm known as the “uncanny valley,” in which human-seeming automatons like sex robots or even zombies invoke an unsettling empathy?  Source.

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