Mike Huckabee: Wow! What a Wacko

Mike Huckabee Batshit

UPDATED: Mike Huckabee announced at the end of his Fox Faux News show that his heart tells him not to run. Hmmm, does that mean that the majority of prayers at prayforhuckabee.com were praying for him not to run? One can only guess. What this means for the Republican party lineup is a bunch of them will be getting all evangelical, like Newt Gingrich has already been trying to do, to pick up that voting block. You know, Christian conservatives and middle-to-lower income Republicans.

Please Mr. Huckabee. Do us all a favor and stick to your Fox Faux News program. I’m serious. If this is the level of intelligence of your closest advisers and if this is someone who’s principles you admire, you haven’t got a snowball’s chance in hell of ever running this country. Maybe some weird cult, but not a country. Geeesh, where do these people come from? Read the excerpt below and then if you’re really feeling like reading some craziness, read the whole story at Mother Jones.

Mother Jones: Huckabee has joked that he “answers” to “two Janets.” One is his wife, Janet Huckabee. The other is Janet Porter, the onetime co-chair of Huckabee’s Faith and Values Coalition. And Porter, the former governor has said, is his “prophetic voice.” But that voice has said some weird things over the years: Porter has maintained that Obama represents an “inhumane, sick, and sinister evil,” and she has warned that Democrats want to throw Christians in jail merely for practicing their faith. She’s attributed Haiti’s high poverty rate to the fact that the country is “dedicated to Satan,” and she suggested that gay marriage caused Noah’s Flood. And there’s this: In a 2009 column for conservative news site WorldNetDaily, Porter asserted that President Barack Obama is a Soviet secret agent, groomed since birth to destroy the United States from within.

In 2008, at an NRA convention, there was a loud bang backstage. Huckabee said,

That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He’s getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him and he — he dove for the floor.

Over and over again he said that Obama was raised in Kenya. A lie and proven to be a lie. Not only is it a lie, but it’s a racist lie. The same kind of racism that Donald Trump is guilty of spreading over and over again the birther lie that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States. And the same kind of racism spread via email when Marilyn Davenport, a member of the Republican Central Committee of Orange County sent out a picture of the Obama family, a family of chimpanzees, with the child chimp with Obama’s face on it.

This is the face of the Republican party. It’s ugly. It’s hateful. It’s racism. Can’t you just smell the Christianity oozing from that sentiment? Kind of reeks, doesn’t it?

Well, this Huckleberry has a website up, prayforhuckabee.com and he’s asking for prayers to help him with his decision to run or not to run. Usually, candidates just ask for cash. Ok, Mr. Huckabee, I’m praying you don’t run … oh wait. I changed my mind. I’m praying you do run and actually become the Republican candidate. Can anyone say “piece of cake?”

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