Marilyn Davenport and Racism: The “Monkey” on the GOP’s Back

Marilyn Davenport Tea Party racist

(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

Marilyn Davenport is a mean-spirited old Republican Party official and Tea Party bigot in southern California. A few weeks ago, she doctored up a photo of President Obama as a baby chimpanzee, along with chimpanzee parents. This was supposed to depict why the President couldn’t come up with his birth certificate.

She then distributed that photo via email that reads, “Now you know why — No birth certificate!” Scott Baugh, County GOP Chairman, calls the email “in very poor taste” and suggested that Marilyn Davenport, an elected member of the Orange County Republican central committee, should resign. See the photo below.

Obama Chimp Photo

But Marilyn Davenport isn’t going to resign. This nasty old bigot calls the controversy “much ado about nothing.” Because of the controversy and backlash of her racist email, she sort of apologizes by saying, “I’m sorry if my email offended anyone,” she’s conceded in a written statement. “I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth.”

Marilyn Davenport isn’t the only wingnut Tea Party activist to send racist emails relating to President Obama.

Posters with Obama depicted as a witch doctor complete with feather headdress and bone through his nose were distributed via emails and Tea Bagger websites and showing up at Tea Party protests.

Obama witch doctor

Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose circulated via email a picture of a watermelon patch on the White House lawn with “No Easter egg hunt this year” under the title. That racist tea bagger resigned his position as Mayor.

White House watermelon patch photo

Dale Robertson, another Tea Party racist, held a sign up that referred to taxpayers as “niggars”. A Houston Tea Party group founded by Robertson sent a fund-raising email solicitation with the headline, “Obama Pimping Obama-Care, One Last Time!”

Dale Robertson Tea Party racist

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