Isn’t it Time for Blowhard McCain to Retire?

John McCain Irony

Sore loser, John McCain has been bellowing about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11. This terrorist attack was a tragic loss of life that fat old blowhard John McCain has been trying to politicize. He wants a Watergate style panel to investigate. He has accused Susan Rice of lying to the public about Benghazi and has loudly and repeatedly voiced his opposition to Susan Rice becoming Secretary of State.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said on Wednesday that U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice is “not qualified” to become secretary of state and he called her claim that the deadly attack on the diplomatic facility in Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration “not very bright.” Source

Looky who’s calling Susan Rice “not very bright.” McCain obviously is the authority on qualified, bright women … right? I mean, he did choose Sarah Palin as his running mate, didn’t he? lol. Another else see the hypocrisy of his “not very bright” statement about Susan Rice?

In addition, he supported Condoleezza Rice, even though she flat out lied about Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

But what particularly struck O’Donnell was the hypocrisy of McCain and Graham’s arguments, considering neither of them had any problem voting for Condoleezza Rice to become George W. Bush‘s secretary of state after she “failed miserably” as national security advisor and went on TV and warned about a “mushroom cloud over the United States of America.”

O’Donnell accused McCain and Graham of supporting Condoleezza Rice despite knowing she lied about Iraq. O’Donnell highlighted Graham’s justification for supporting one Rice but not the other: the United States wasn’t the only country that thought Iraq had WMDs. Thus, O’Donnell coined the Graham Rule:

“It’s okay for highly placed foreign policy players in an administration to be wrong about something they say on TV involving intelligence, as long as other people are wrong too, especially people in other countries.”

O’Donnell also highlighted a quote of McCain’s from earlier today about personal responsibility. O’Donnell was flabbergasted to hear such language from the same man who once jokingly sang about bombing Iran and chose Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. O’Donnell used the rest of the segment to hammer McCain over the Palin pick, just to make his words sound all the more hypocritical.

Watch the video here, courtesy of MSNBC.

Rachel Maddow has a theory on why several Republicans are attempting to smear Susan Rice and block her appointment as Secretary of State, should the President choose her, and it makes the most sense of any explanation.

Then, in 2009, Sen. Ted Kennedy passed away due to cancer. That “meant that his seat did become empty in Massachusetts, and the Democrats no longer had their 60-vote supermajority, which they needed to pass health care,” Maddow said. With this in mind, Kennedy wrote a letter “urging that the governor of Massachusetts be allowed to fill an empty Senate seat if one were to open up.” And the law changed again.

In the meantime, there was the special election to fill Kennedy’s seat — which went to Scott Brown, a Republican. In 2012, Brown was ousted by Democrat Elizabeth Warren. It was a hard-fought and expensive race, Maddow said, and now “Republicans wanted to talk about how to get Scott Brown back to Washington.”

Kerry happens to be a high-profile Obama supporter, she said, and a supposed frontrunner for the Secretary of State position. Should he get that position, it would open up his Senate seat, “which would be the best chance of putting a Republican in the Senate any time soon.” And the other reported frontrunner is… Susan Rice.

That’s why they got excited to hear Kerry’s name floated, Maddow argued. If John Kerry becomes Secretary of State, there’s going to be a special election for a Senate seat, and “there would be this chance that Scott Brown could be back in Washington.” See Maddow’s video here

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