Here’s a Snot Rocket for You Mitt Romney … uhhh Metaphorically Speaking, That is

Mitt Romney

Hang Obama With Economic Crisis

Mitt Romney wants Republicans to “hang” Obama with the current state of the economy. Funny thing about that … the economy sucked when he was elected and was already in meltdown. Hmmm, wonder why? Maybe a little reading would enlighten you to the probable causes of the economic crisis, Mr. Romney. But it better serves you to try to “hang” Obama with an economy that was already well screwed up before he came into office. Republicans aren’t noted for allowing themselves to be blindsided by facts, are they?

Let’s talk about what the GOP will do for Americans if they are allowed to.

The GOP proposed budget gives big tax breaks to corporations and the rich, while cutting Medicare and Medicaid to the bone.

From the Examiner:
Tomorrow Ryan’s outline will reportedly call for a lower corporate tax rate and a permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts, including those for the wealthiest Americans. Conservative estimates say extending the Bush tax cuts will add $700 billion to the deficit over ten years. In order to pay for these tax cuts Ryan proposes dramatic cuts to two popular entitlement programs.

Under Ryan’s plan, billions would be cut from the current expected expenditures for Medicare. Starting in 2021 seniors would start receiving a voucher to purchase private health insurance instead of guaranteed coverage as exists under the current Medicare program. Critics claim the voucher may not pay for the insurance coverage of all seniors since health insurance companies typically charge higher premiums for older adults due to the increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, etc. If the voucher did not pay for insurance coverage the senior would either have to make up the difference, or simply go without coverage at all.

Continue reading on GOP 2012 budget proposal cuts taxes on rich, cuts Medicare in the future – National Political Buzz |

The GOP budget plan is a sort of reverse Robin Hood plan. Steal from the poorest to scratch the back of big corporations and their wealthiest cronies. The American public is on to you, Mitt Romney and the GOP. When confronted in your town hall meetings, you bluster and say well … uh, it won’t affect you. It won’t kick in ’til 2021. I have four children and four grandchildren that it will affect and when it affects my family, it affects me, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that feeling.

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