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Post election, there is much cause for celebration and yes, even downright glee if you’re an Obama supporter. Good riddance Mitt Romney. Hopefully, he will slither back to the private sector and not impose himself in American politics ever again. Make no mistake about it.

Romney’s campaign should be assessed in the most accurate possible manner. Its failings should not be sugarcoated or glossed over. Instead, it should be described precisely as it was: One of the most cynical, dishonest and disreputable presidential campaigns in modern American history.”

From the Republican primaries to practically the final days of his failed presidential campaign, Romney was either blatantly lying about his opponent’s record, adopting policy positions of convenience that ran counter to his past positions, regularly misleading Americans about his own plans or stirring racial acrimony. I don’t feel sorry that Romney lost on Tuesday night; I feel sorry that a great nation had to be subjected to his presidential campaign. Source.

There’s also much entertainment to be had watching the GOP point fingers and scratch their empty little heads, wondering what the hell went wrong. Always clueless, they still haven’t come close to getting it right. Some/most still believe that Americans want their message, but were uninformed/uneducated at the polls. Some believe their candidate was not conservative enough and they need to run as even more wingnut than they did.

Here’s a site that I really enjoyed post election. White People Mourning Romney. Ha ha ha. Loved it.

Facts are, Republicans have been in bed with the big money and the extremist Tea Party and now their chickens are coming home to roost. The Tea Party appeals to no one but the Tea Party. The Americans don’t want their brand of Christianity or their philosophies or their politics shoved down our throats and imposed upon us. That should be very clear to Republicans, but it appears that the party is run by a bunch of real slow learners.

If they still think that they can legislate women’s reproductive rights away, can wage war on Latinos and gays, ignore the black vote, then they will continue to be the sad, pathetic, irrelevant party that they currently are (and I do hope they continue to be clueless)… and there’s every indication that they will. If they think that the majority of the American citizens buy into their evangelical brand of religion and want those principles shoved down on throats, they are sadly mistaken. The majority of us believe in separation of church and state and aren’t interested in their religious “values.” Indeed, with the numerous scandals (and more scandals hereoh, and here) involving those evangelical, Christian nutbags, many of them are really nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

And what accounts for this result? According to leaders of the Tea Party and others on the right, the reason why the GOP suffered on Nov. 6 is because Romney was too moderate.

In a Washington news conference the day after the election, longtime conservative activist Richard Viguerie argued that Romney had no core conservative principles, and flatly stated, “The battle to take over the Republican Party begins today.” Source

These political geniuses allowed the Tea Party to hijack their party and they’re paying a heavy price for the sell out. They spent much of the campaign cycle defending people who want to legislate vaginas, redefine rape, get rid of women’s health services, have birth control access only if employers want to allow it in their health care plans, have Latinos “self deport” and other nonsense that the public wasn’t going to buy into.

They chose a candidate who is on the record supporting the wingnut values during the primaries and earlier and then changing his mind (lieing) after the primaries to appear to have more palatable, moderate views. Moderate Mitt. They seem to have thought that the American public has no memory or intelligence and that we would embrace a candidate that lies to them and takes whatever position on issues that he believes his audience wants to hear.

The Republican party also waged war on the middle class. With Romney on the record saying “I don’t care about the poor” and Romney characterizing 47% of the US population as slackers who just “want stuff” it comes as no surprise, at least to the majority of the US, that Romney as a leader, would not be representing them. He would, in fact, be reppresenting the top 1% of the country who make enormous amounts of money. That is his base.

And Republicans… in case you didn’t know already (and apparently, you didn’t), if you attempt to take away the right to vote, a right that Americans hold dear, you’ll make us very mad. You consistently overestimated enthusiasm for Romney, underestimated Democratic resolve and completely didn’t get that you pissed off a whole lot of people by attempting to rob them of their votes. This resulted in a large turnout of people who were willing to stand in line no matter how long it took them to vite. Whooops … stupid you.

But it is not just social issues. On economics the Republican party plays host to a powerful and vocal wing of libertarians who wish to slash and burn government spending. They cling to a conservative world view that has forced previously extreme stances – such as abolishing the federal Department of Education and returning the dollar to the gold standard – into the heart of Republican thought. Not even the vast amount of cash that Republican big money operators poured into the 2012 race was able to have a major impact. Of the top 10 Senate candidates that political guru Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group spent the most on, just one resulted in a Democratic defeat. Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson backed eight candidates – including Romney – with around $60m over the whole election cycle. None of them won.

To many observers, the Republicans are turning into a party that cannot win office. It has been dominated by the punditocracy of Fox News and the enormous influence of rightwing media stars such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. It believes it does not need to change, but must maintain ideological purity and run a true conservative candidate. In Romney it sees the failure of a moderate who did not really believe the conservative values he had to espouse to win his party’s nomination.They point out Obama’s victory was built on a superior ground game, which turned out its base. They can even say Obama only beat Romney by 50% to 48% – a sliver that only grows large in the undemocratic electoral college.Source

Shhhhh … what’s that sound? It sounds like a death rattle. A Republican death rattle. A Tea Party death rattle. It’s music to my ears.

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