Donald Trump’s Cheesy Products are Made in China

Donald Trump made in China

No, this isn’t yet another birther conspiracy theory. Donald Trump wasn’t “Made in China, but his cheesy signature line of products are. He accuses China of stealing manufacturing jobs from the US, while manufacturing his products in China. Go figure. Seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Donald Trump‘s answer to foreign and trade policy if he were to be elected President is to throw f-bombs to China. At a Las Vegas rally, his speech was laced with f-bombs and his comment on China, “Listen you mother——ers we’re going to tax you 25 percent!” And yet, his “signature” line of clothing and accessories bears tags saying Made in China. How cheesy. Almost as cheesy as his double comb-over hairdo.

From ABC News: At the same time Trump was speaking in New Hampshire, his Trump Store was contributing to the growth of Chinese manufacturing, arguably at the expense of American workers, selling $80 Trump-branded cotton sweaters and $70 Trump-branded warm-up tops, all made in China. Also available with the made in China tag: golf hats stamped with the Trump crest and stuffed animals.

Visitors also could buy leather made-in-China belts priced at $45 that are advertised as “So soft, it feels like a million bucks.” And in the display case were neat stacks of colorful Trump-branded polo shirts that would be perfect wear for one of Trump‘s golf courses. The shirts, which sell for $70, were not made in China, but nearby, in Korea and Thailand.

As first reported by, the Trump wear sold in Macy’s, part of the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection, is manufactured overseas, including ties in more than 50 different styles and colors (all made in China), suits (made in Mexico and Vietnam), and dress shirts (five styles made in China). All the Trump tie pins ($22) and tie clips ($28) are labeled as “Made in China,” as are the cufflinks ($35 to $45 a pair) and even the boxes containing them.

Trump complains about the quality of products that are made in China, and I agree, including his cheesy products. In fact, I would recommend that you don’t buy Trump products. He’s allegedly an American business man who gets his crap (ooops, I mean products) manufactured in China so that he doesn’t have to pay more money for higher quality products that are manufactured in the US. Donald Trump is supporting the Chinese manufacturing growth at America’s expense to save himself a buck. There are many companies, contrary to what Mr. Cheesbo Trump will have you believe that provide products made in the USA.

Can anyone really imagine what a “President Trump” would do for this country. Donald Trump running for President of the US trivializes politics. He’s as much of a joke as Sarah Palin was running for Vice President. He’s a cheesy little “carnival barker” (thank you President Obama for that apt description) playing in an arena where he is out-classed and out of his league. He really should just STFU and go about the business of running casinos, hosting reality shows and marrying girls that look more like a daughter than a wife.

He’s said that he cannot announce that he is going to run for President until his reality show is done for the season, but that he has decided to run “in his mind.” I can only hope that he actually does run in his mind and not further trivialize the political process.

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