Classless Sarah Palin Attempts Hijack of Rolling Thunder

Palin go home bitch rolling thunder

Sarah Palin made a typical and classless attempt at hijacking an annual event of biker veterans called Rolling Thunder. In a shameless attempt to put the spotlight on herself rather than honoring the veterans, as is the tradition of this event, she rode in on the back of a motorcycle, complete black jacket, press and photo ops to a non-political event.

She talks about values and stuff but did no one ever teach her any manners or respect? She was very clearly an unwelcome guest, and her appearance there was purely self-promotional and had nothing to do with the event or the veterans. Read the full story at Capitol Hill Blue, called Bikers to Palin: ‘Go home bitch”. Read some of the quotes below to see how well she was received.

Capitol Hill Blue: “Tell the bitch to go home,” said “Duke” Cantwell, a grizzled Harley rider from Missouri. “She ain’t welcome here. What’s next? We gonna have Jane Fonda riding bitch on a Harley?”

“She’s not one of us,” Lawson said. “She’s just another loud-mouthed politician trying to cash in.”

Shirley Hamilton, a biker mother of a Iraq war vet, said Palin should take her sideshow elsewhere. “This event is for people who honestly care about veterans who are prisoners or who remain missing,” Hamilton said. “Sarah Palin doesn’t care about anything but herself. She doesn’t belong here.”

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