CIA Director and Maybe a General Brought Down by Shirtless FBI Agent

fbi agent shirtless

The unfolding story of the Petraeus affair just gets more juvenile and absurd by the day. Some nameless FBI agent, contacted by Jill Kelley (the Petraeus whistleblower who now appears to have had ‘inappropriate communications’ with General John Allen), about the infamous “harrassing” emails from Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell, appears to amount to no more than a jealous catfight. The married Paula Broadwell, previously dumped by Petraeus after an affair thought that Jill Kelley may be moving in on her ex-squeeze and the claws were out and fur was flying … via email.

This diligent FBI agent, who sent photos of himself to Jill Kelley remains unscathed and unnamed thus far. We can only hope that changes. Mr. “I’m too sexy with a shirt on” became obsessed with this case and was unceremoniously kicked off of the case and was told to have nothing more to do with it. So this diligent lawman went to members of Congress and told someone there, who reported it to the DC FBI. So we have a loose cannon in the FBI who relishes the idea of taking down the CIA Director (and who also sends shirtless photos of himself to married women). Everyone else in this ordeal is named and it has cost them a high price, but he goes unnamed. Why is he getting a free pass?

A CIA director, who has served his country in an exemplary manner in his military career and as CIA director has had to resign over an indiscretion which should have only been the business of him and his wife. I mean, if government officials should lose their jobs over affairs, the Republicans will get their wish of a very small government easily without all that pesky legislation to reduce government (like these cheating politicians and these). Of course, some of their own jobs would be on the line as well. Oh well.

I do hope that Paula Broadwell, the dumped mistress, is happy with the results that she achieved. Got your revenge for being dumped, didn’t you Paula. I hope your husband, tired of being cuckolded, reciprocates by dumping you as well. No problem. I’m sure you’ll move on to bigger and better conquests… eh?

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