Charlie Sheen: Violent Snot Rockets of Truth

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen wants his job back. According to Chuck Lorre and Warner, that’s not going to happen. We’ve heard for months on end that Warners fired Charlie Sheen for no real cause and that after a couple of weeks in his faux sober home he had magically cured himself with his mind. He spent weeks ranting about Warner and Chuck Lorre and filed a $100 million lawsuit against them.

In order to get public support, he launched a Twitter account to continue his rants to the public and posted four videos on Ustream called Sheen’s corner. These are not available any longer, but someone … like me, took screenshots of the videos. They hardly support Sheen’s case that he is in good shape and living well at his sober lodge.

Then there is his My Violent Torpedo of Truth shows across the US, if you can call them shows. He was booed off the stage in Detroit. New York didn’t like him much either. He was heckled at Radio City Music Hall and fled the state within a hour of his 90-minute set.

He hasn’t been doing very well in his offstage life either. He lost his child custody bid in court due to bragging about his drug use. One of his goddesses left him (the porn star one). And yet, he continues to tell people that this Warlock with Adonis DNA and Tiger Blood is …. Duh, Winning.

For those of you who may have missed the Ustream videos of this winning warlock, here’s some screenshots.

Charlie Sheen Ustream videos

Charlie Sheen Ustream videos

Charlie Sheen Ustream videos

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