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John McCain Irony

Isn’t it Time for Blowhard McCain to Retire?

Sore loser, John McCain has been bellowing about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11. This terrorist attack was a tragic loss of life that fat old blowhard John McCain has been trying to politicize. He wants a Watergate style panel to investigate. He has accused Susan Rice of lying to […]

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Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya’ll

Looks like the racist rednecks in the South and other states want to secede after a crushing defeat in the Presidential election. Here’s the thing. You don’t speak for the majority in the United States. You’re just a bunch of ignorant bigots. The majority spoke when we re-elected President Obama to office and when we […]

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republican wingnuts

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Source Post election, there is much cause for celebration and yes, even downright glee if you’re an Obama supporter. Good riddance Mitt Romney. Hopefully, he will slither back to the private sector and not impose himself in American politics ever again. Make no mistake about it. “Romney’s campaign should be assessed in the most accurate […]

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Mitt Romney Kills Big Bird

Mitt Romney Wants the Middle Class to Believe He Likes Us Now

Always the Etch a Sketch candidate, always the liar, Mitt Romney plays to whatever audience he’s in front of and he fully expects the American public to believe each version of his story and each version of his position, even when they are diametrically opposed to each other. You see, Mitt Romney thinks we’re stupid, […]

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Andrew Breitbart lies

Breitbart is Toast: In Memorium

Andrew Brietbart. Wingnut propagandist, pathological liar, race-baiter. Dead. Known for being a hard partying rageaholic (angry drunk), the verdict is still out whether or not other substances contributed to his early demise. Since the official cause of death is still out pending toxicology results, in true Andrew Breitbart style journalism, I’ll just make stuff up […]

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Romney Davy Crockett

Romney Crocket: Born on a Mountaintop in Tennessee

Mitt Romney, campaigning in Tennessee today, recited lyrics to “The Ballad of Davy Crockett.” “This place always has a special feeling in my heart, because when I grew up I was thinking about Davy Crockett,” Romney says before beginning the song. “Remember the song?” Romney said. “‘Born on a mountaintop in Tennessee, greenest state in […]

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Rush Limbaugh misogynistic pig

Republicans Try to Distance Themselves from Limbaugh … But Not Really

Perhaps some may think that Romney and Santorum‘s remarks about Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute, not just once, but three days in a row on his show, are adequate, but I do not. They do not nearly express the repulsion that the comments Limbaugh made about Ms. Fluke deserve. Because of […]

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Rush Limbaugh Pig

Porky Pig Calls Female College Student Prostitute and Slut

Porky Pig … uhhh, I mean Rush Limbaugh the hate monger has turned his vitriol towards women now (not really a surprise that he doesn’t like women, is it?). On his show he called a female college student who spoke to a Democratic hearing spearheaded by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Feb. 23, where […]

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Romney Flip Flops

What’s the Difference Between Mitt Romney and Casual Footware?

For those who are indecisive and change their minds about just about everything, I have found the perfect casual footware for you … The Mitt Flip Flops. This footwear was created with the flip flopper in mind. Instead of a contribution to Mitt Romney‘s campaign, I have sent him a pair for his own personal […]

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personhood bill

If I Wanted the Government in My Womb, I’d Fuck a Senator

Another state trying to stamp all over women’s rights to birth control and abortions is Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Senate passed a bill that puts the beginning of life at the moment of conception. Hell, why not bump it back to the moment of erection? I think male masturbation should be outlawed as well, as it […]

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