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Trump: Who Would Vote for Him With a Face (and Hair) Like That?

I have been watching the rise of Donald Trump to the forefront of the GOP race for Presidential candidate in awe (not good awe … bad awe).  I thought … surely, there aren’t that many really stupid people in the US. I was wrong. I mean honestly … look at that face. Look at that […]

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NRA’s Answer to Gun Violence: Arm Everybody

Who’d a thunk it? The NRA’s plan for preventing gun violence is to just arm everybody and to turn our schools into what amounts to a military zone, protected by armed forces, according to The National Rifle Association’s CEO Wayne LaPierre. But why stop there? I mean, innocent people are everywhere right? So we really […]

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A Tribute to Anonymous. Got Ya Karl Rove

I haven’t seen this news in the mainstream media and I do wonder why, considering the election fraud that occurred to re-elect George Bush in 2004. In fact, the method of fraud and one of the perps are the same as the fraud attempted in this current election, only this time Karl Rove was up […]

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fbi agent shirtless

CIA Director and Maybe a General Brought Down by Shirtless FBI Agent

The unfolding story of the Petraeus affair just gets more juvenile and absurd by the day. Some nameless FBI agent, contacted by Jill Kelley (the Petraeus whistleblower who now appears to have had ‘inappropriate communications’ with General John Allen), about the infamous “harrassing” emails from Petraeus biographer Paula Broadwell, appears to amount to no more […]

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Ted Nugent in Jail

Right Wing Nutbag Nugent is Dead or Maybe in Jail

Ha ha ah… at least that’s what he said would happen if President Obama were re-elected. We can only hope that he knew what he was talking about, huh? He had a Twitter meltdown spewing out his normal vitriol (calling those who voted for Obama bad names like pimps, liars, whores and welfare brats, as […]

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republican wingnuts

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Source Post election, there is much cause for celebration and yes, even downright glee if you’re an Obama supporter. Good riddance Mitt Romney. Hopefully, he will slither back to the private sector and not impose himself in American politics ever again. Make no mistake about it. “Romney’s campaign should be assessed in the most accurate […]

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The Party is Over for Romney

Source The Presidential Election is finally over and President Obama won. The Republicans who thought they could win with a candidate that hid his agenda, changed his mind on issues as often as he changed his underwear and attempted to flat out lie his way to the White House underestimated the intelligence of the American […]

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Mitt Romney Kills Big Bird

Mitt Romney Wants the Middle Class to Believe He Likes Us Now

Always the Etch a Sketch candidate, always the liar, Mitt Romney plays to whatever audience he’s in front of and he fully expects the American public to believe each version of his story and each version of his position, even when they are diametrically opposed to each other. You see, Mitt Romney thinks we’re stupid, […]

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George Zimmerman bigot murderer

Zimmerman: Florida Racist Murders Teen and Still Free

UPDATE: We’ve had a week of mainstream and not so mainstream media blaming the victim in the case of the Florida thug, Zimmerman who murdered an unarmed teen over a month ago and who is still free. There’s been little rumors about school suspensions, Twitter nonsense and who knows what else. I’ve ignored those reports. […]

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Romney Etch a Sketch

Mitt Romney: The Etch a Sketch Candidate

The Etch a Sketch GOP potential Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, finally reveals his campaign strategy. Of course, anyone really watching Romney already knows that he plays whatever side of the fence that will get votes for that particular audience, but now it’s confirmed. Mitt Romney‘s top adviser Eric Fehrnstrom made this Kinsley gaffe, saying that […]

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