Boehner Wears Beanie and Crys Like a Baby at Catholic University

Boehner cries again

House Speaker John Boehner cries like a baby (big shock) while speaking at Catholic University of America’s commencement ceremony this weekend. The University bestowed an honorary degree upon him, while reaming him a new asshole, calling him anti-life for his anti-poor policies in a letter:

“Mr. Speaker, your voting record is at variance from one of the Church’s most ancient moral teachings,” the letter says. “From the apostles to the present, the Magisterium of the Church has insisted that those in power are morally obliged to preference the needs of the poor. Your record in support of legislation to address the desperate needs of the poor is among the worst in Congress. This fundamental concern should have great urgency for Catholic policy makers. Yet, even now, you work in opposition to it.”

The letter writers go on to criticize Mr. Boehner’s support for a budget that cut support for Medicare, Medicaid and the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program, while granting tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations. They call such policies “anti-life.”

True. He does propose to gut the nation’s poorest, the Middle Class, Education, Medicare, programs for children, while protecting the nation’s wealthiest from taxes and stuff. That’s fairly understandable since he is very well funded by those wealthy corporations.

Wikipedia: In June 1995, Boehner distributed campaign contributions from tobacco industry lobbyists on the House floor as House members were weighing how to vote on tobacco subsidies.[18] In a 1996 documentary by PBS called The People and the Power Game, Boehner said “They asked me to give out a half dozen checks quickly before we got to the end of the month and I complied. And I did it on the House floor, which I regret. I should not have done. It’s not a violation of the House rules, but it’s a practice that‘s gone on here for a long time that we’re trying to stop and I know I’ll never do it again.”[19] Boehner eventually led the effort to change House rules and prohibit campaign contributions from being distributed on the House floor.[20]

A September 2010 New York Times story said Boehner was “Tightly Bound to Lobbyists” and “He maintains especially tight ties with a circle of lobbyists and former aides representing some of the nation’s biggest businesses, including Goldman Sachs, Google, Citigroup, R.J. Reynolds, MillerCoors and UPS.”.[21]

Boehner says on Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that “President Obama is “really not serious” about tackling America’s deficit problem” and fails to take real action on the deficit. President Obama has proposed tax hikes for the nation’s wealthiest citizens. Boehner turns a deaf ear on any solution that would come out of the pockets of his major campaign contributors, preferring instead to reduce the deficit on the Middle Class and the nation’s poorest backs.

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