A Tribute to Anonymous. Got Ya Karl Rove


I haven’t seen this news in the mainstream media and I do wonder why, considering the election fraud that occurred to re-elect George Bush in 2004. In fact, the method of fraud and one of the perps are the same as the fraud attempted in this current election, only this time Karl Rove was up against a foe that was smarter than he is if their claims are true. In the Warning to Karl Rove video by Anonymous, the online hactivist group, claims that they were onto Rove’s voter fraud game and, according to the letter below and the warning video to Rove, they circumvented the Ohio voter fraud attempt. If it is true, Americans owe a debt of gratitude to Anonymous. My only wish is that you would take the next logical step to help rid America of these scurrilous rats and turn over any information that you have that could prove the attempt to steal the election to either the Dept of Justice or your bored nemesis in an Embassy in London. They will never stop trying to steal elections and robbing Americans of their right to their vote until they are behind bars where they belong.

As Hartmann, noted, in the book “Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power,” author Craig Unger documented how in the 2004 election, “the Ohio vote was counted in Ohio, at 11:13 p.m. at night, the entire Ohio voting system crashed … a minute later they came up. In that minute, all the votes had been re-routed through a server system in Tennessee, and so all the vote totals flowed back into the system in Ohio, and John Kerry lost, even though the exit polls showed him winning.”

So why didn’t Ohio go for Romney in 2012?

Curiously enough, the Ohio Secretary of State’s vote tabulation website went down at 11:13 p.m. Rove even mentioned it on the air.

Coincidence? Possibly. In this day of technology and hackers — and not just Anonymous, but hackers working for the GOP and others — it’s not out of the question. Computers are subject to bugs, as well, including this example of a voting machine that would not allow the user to vote for Obama on Nov. 6. However, according to the report, Anonymous stopped any voter fraud from happening. The hacker group put up firewalls on election night to any data from flowing out of Ohio. Examiner

Just prior to the election, Anonymous issued a warning to Karl Rove:

“Karl Rove, American Crossroads, we are Anonymous. We are watching you. We know that you will attempt to rig the election for Mitt Romney in your favor. We will watch as your merry band of conspirators try to achieve this over throw of the United States government.”

This is part of the letter uploaded to Scribe from Anonymous

Anonymous Letter

Here’s an excerpt of the last paragraph of the letter to Karl Rove (full letter here):

We sank those ships and we have a warning for Karl – sail again at your peril. We may just put all of the evidence into a tidy package and give it to a painfully bored nemesis hanging out in a certain embassy in London.

If all of this information is true, and it would certainly explain the reason that Karl Rove was in utter disbelief that Ohio went to Obama on election night, I’d like to see that package delivered to the painfully bored nemesis in a certain embassy in London. Isn’t it time for these criminals to pay for their attempts to steal the election through criminal means?

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