The Party is Over for Romney


The Presidential Election is finally over and President Obama won. The Republicans who thought they could win with a candidate that hid his agenda, changed his mind on issues as often as he changed his underwear and attempted to flat out lie his way to the White House underestimated the intelligence of the American public. In spite of all their attempts at voter fraud and obstruction, President Obama won both the popular and the electoral vote.

Republicans offered up a candidate who had contempt for at least 47% of the people of the United States. They offered up a wealthy businessman who had no hesitation to destroy and dismantle companies for his own personal gain.

They offered up a candidate who, rather than do what’s best for his country, hid his money offshore and through complex financial loopholes to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. They offered us a candidate who believed that more tax cuts to the wealthy paid for by the middle class was fair.

They offered us a candidate who would ran on smaller government, but inexplicably believed that government has a right to impose itself in women’s health and reproductive issues. Republicans offered us a candidate who did not believe in basic civil and human rights if you are gay, black, Latino, or a woman, and in their arrogance, they thought they could win on that.

The Republican party is the party of rich white people, a demographic that is shrinking as rapidly as their prostrates. They have allowed their party to be hijacked by the extremist Tea Party, and they miscalculated the enthusiasm of the democratic base. They touted that the Republican candidate had an enthusiastic base that would turn out in large numbers for Romney and that the democratic base was not equally enthusiastic. The democratic base, while not appearing to be enthusiastic, were resolved and angry… resolved that they would vote and their voices would be heard in spite of voter suppression efforts. Did the Republicans actually think they could get away with silencing us through voting fraud?

Here are some of our flawed assumptions:

  • We thought young voters would not turn out at the same level as 2008. They did. In fact, they represented 19% of the electorate per exit polls–as high, if not higher, than four years ago.
  • We said that Democrats would not be +6 over Republicans and if they were, Obama would win. Well, they did and he did. Again, exit polls say Democrats were +6. Romney needed the proportion of Republicans and Democrats to be even to win.
  • We thought minority turnout would be lower than 2008. It was not. In several important precincts in key states, minorities voted in numbers equal to–and in some cases better than–four years ago.
  • We thought Romney would win Independents by double digits. He won them, but by just five points.
  • We thought Romney would have a huge gender advantage among men; it was only seven points. Meanwhile, the President won women by 11 points.
  • We thought Romney would dominate on being “better able to handle the economy.” He only beat the President on this issue by a few points. Not enough.Source
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